Friday, March 19, 2010

Above the clouds [SWF]

I love flying. Takeoffs always make me sleepy, the motion of the plane as it accelerates off the ground lulls me to sleep. I seldom take afternoon flights from Cebu to Manila---but on this trip, I was so tired that I opted to board a late afternoon flight to get home a bit early. And I was rewarded with this orange glow at the horizon.

Posted for Sky-Watch Friday


Photo Cache said...

hey you're not very busy anymore? glad to see you posting again.

Ebie said...

I bet the colors made your eyes wide awake. And the clouds are much softer than the pillows!

What a great comeback post! Welcome back to blogging!

Happy Friday!

Ibyang said...

take offs make me sleepy too :)

great photos :) said...

very nice shots, dearest
Have a nice weekend on the clouds

elvira pajarola said...

I used to fly for many years around the world and was lucky to see so many wonderful views over the clouds....but YOURS is soooo
spectacular beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a happy weekend!!
ciao ciao elvira

magiceye said...

gorgeous captures

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

There is enough sky
for all those who love to fly
high above the clouds.


webruci said...

Wonderful !
I was always fascinat with the clouds:)

Christina, Sweden said...

wonderful clouds and nice to see them from above for a change.

christina, sweden

Kim, USA said...

I love how the tip of the wings catches the color of the sun. Hope to visit Philippines soon hayyy ^_^

The Sunset

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Beautiful sky images from a plane's eye view. I was an airline stewardess for Braniff International, many moons and suns ago, and I love photographs taken like these...very nice~

witsandnuts said...

Wow, nice clouds! I'll try to take some shots in one of my flights. Soon!