Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday: tikoy

A red box for Ruby Tuesday, the purple tikoy inside was a pleasant surprise. I've never seen a purple tikoy before, or tasted flavored tikoy for that matter, so I'm pretty excited to try this one. Tikoys usually come in white (with white sugar) or brown (with brown sugar).

is a popular give-away from the local Chinese community during the Chinese New Year. It is made from glutinous rice flour, sugar and coconut milk, a sticky glob offered to the Kitchen God one week before the Lunar New Year to ensure good luck and prosperity. It is also a way of ensuring the Kitchen God's mouth is too crammed with sticky cake to articulate a negative report to heaven. Called Nian Gao in Chinese, it means progress in the new lunar year.

can be eaten straight from the box, or dipped in beaten egg and fried. My box of tikoy is a gift from a Chinese friend. So here's to a prosperous year of the Ox! Kung Hei Fat Choi!


Dennis Villegas said...

Hi Luna, I love Tikoy, it is delicious and filling, a wonderful snack for those not in a diet ;)

Sidney said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Great combination of colors... I am sure it will bring you luck !

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. I had NO IDEA what the origin of "Ruby Tuesday" was... thank you thank you for the moment of education!

escape said...

finally i got the chance to eat tikoy during the chinese new year.

kung hei fat choy luna!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stopped by to see your Ruby Tuesday- you're a great find! I love your RT post- I'd never heard of tikoy, and there's nothing better than to learn something new!

I also love your John Burroughs quote, and that's one that I should apply to my own life right now. the words couldn't be more appropriate. Do you mind if I quote it on my blog? I will link back to you, of course.

I'm going to book mark you- I'd love to read more here.

My RT is up too, by the way.
Bella :)

Anonymous said...

If you get two comments from me....it's because my first comment vanished on me just as I was saying how much I loved your blog!! I came by to see your RT and loved reading about the tikoy- I'd never heard of it before so it was nice to learn something today!

You have a great blog, I'll definitely be back to read more. I also love your John Burroughs quote- would you mind if I quote it on my blog? It is so appropriate for my situation right now...I'll link back to you of course.

My RT is up at

Bella :)