Thursday, February 7, 2013

Light dinner @ Dong Juan

One of the downside of having meetings in the afternoon is the heavy snacks.  After eating a couple of oven-fresh pan de coco and baked macaroni for an afternoon snack, I was planning to skip dinner and spend a quiet night at the hotel.  But after the meeting, J insisted to take me to dinner.  I tried to refuse kindly but he's having none of it. This is the usual scenario when I am in Cebu--suppliers feed me until I'm bursting at the seams, literally.

I finally agreed to go to dinner with a condition that we're eating light.  We didn't drive too far because around the corner was Insular Square in Mandaue.  I guess it's fairly new because some of the spaces were still vacant.

There were a couple of restaurants here but I veered towards Dong Juan---it looked cozy and I like the word play, it makes the name of this restaurant more memorable.  "Dong" is what  "toto" to an Ilonggo or "totoy" in Tagalog, a term of endearment we often call a younger male sibling, cousin, nephew, a young boy or a young man.

Dong Juan's cozy, casual ambiance  creates a fun, lighthearted experience.  They don't have an extensive menu---just what I needed for this dinner!

J told me that Dong Juan started as a hole-in-wall in Guadalupe then it became popular because of its affordable prices and range of popular food.  We got a garlic-cheese pizza and fish & chips.  The fish & chips was nothing to rave about but the pizza was good.  I was also impressed with the iced tea glass---it reminds me of a cough syrup bottle and the bottle where my grandmother aged her coconut vinegar.

This was a simple but fun dinner.


Iska said...

The pizza looks yum! Love it thin and with lots of cheese!

Dude for Food said...

Looks like a cool place, and the pizza looks delicious!

maiylah said...

oooh, loving that glass! sounds like a wonderful light dinner!

thanks much for taking the time to share and link over at Food Friday, LM
glad that you managed to link up! inLinkz seems to be problematic at times...
happy weekend!

Oggi said...

I love the glass too and the tea looks thick and sweet.:)