Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lumpiang Ubod

I found julienne ubod (heart of coconut palm) at the supermarket and decided to make an impromptu lumpiang ubod for dinner.  I don't like the ready-made lumpia wrapper in the supermarket, the lettuce has also wilted.  My 15-year old nephew snickered when I told him this is called lumpiang hubad  due to the absence of a wrap.

This is simple and easy to prepare. Here's how:

Saute ground pork in minced garlic and onions.  Add minced bell pepper and stir fry until ground pork is thoroughly cooked.  Add chopped shelled shrimps, soy sauce, salt and pepper and a pinch of brown sugar.  Mix in julienne ubod and carrots and add a little water just enough to cook the mixture.  Let this cook for 10-15 minutes until the liquid is reduced. Don't overcook to maintain the crunch of ubod and carrots.

On the side, prepare the sauce---a mixture of corn starch diluted in water, brown sugar, soy sauce, lots of minced garlic (yes, we like our lumpia garlicky).

Add the sauce mixture, mix well until you get the desired consistency.

Garnish with ground peanuts and spring onions.



maiylah said...

one of my faves! d lang ako marunong, kahit may recipe

appreciate much your sharing and linking over at Food Fridat, LM
happy weekend!

ps we like our sauce super garlicky, too!

Rackell said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe.. looks so yummy!

joyce said...

uhm,this one is very delicious!my favorite,

Oggi said...

Sarap! Oh how I miss fresh ubod. I can only get canned or bottled and have to rinse off the acidic liquid.

Dude for Food said...

That's a healthy and delicious looking dish, great job!