Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ito [This]

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"Alam mo ba kung ano ito?" mausisang tanong ng aking kapatid.  Hindi ko agad napansin ang mga animo'y kalansay ng daliri na nakadikit sa mga bato sa dalampasigan ng Pagudpud.  Kasama ng mga ugat ng puno na nakabaon sa bato, nakakamangha ang iba't ibang hugis at anyo. Fossil corals ang tawag sa mga ito na malamang daan o milyong taon nang nakalagak dito.  And mga koral ay simpleng hayop na nagse-secrete ng kalansay na gawa sa calcium carbonate.

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@ mirandablue
"Do you know what is this?" my sister asked curiously.  I didn't notice them right away but when I looked closely, they looked like finger skeletons embedded on rocks at the beach in Pagudpud.  Enclosed snugly with roots, I was amazed at the various shapes and textures.  These are fossil corals that were possibly deposited here hundreds or even millions of years ago.  Corals are simple animals that secrete skeletons made of calcium carbonate.

@ mirandablue
For Thursday Two Questions - you are invited to answer and join:

1)  What amazed or surprised you recently?
2)  Have you discovered something new about yourself lately?


Robin said...

Fossilized coral? That is so cool!

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EG CameraGirl said...

Thank you for posting the fossil corals. There are so many there! They do resemble fingers.

Unknown said...

Very interesting photos. I will have to think about those 2 questions...

Lui said...

Pretty cool, Luna!

I saw this cute insect with a beautiful camouflaged wings looking at me from our plants. I called my sister and together wondered what it is!

I always discover something new about myself and other people regularly. This week I realized that I can actually listen to a person with disabilities (a friend with speech problems who mumbles on the phone) and can give the advise he needed.

Unknown said...

For Thursday 2 Questions:

i'm usually a highly strung person but lately i surprised myself by the peace and quiet i feel inside. i hope this would last.:p

every now and then, i discover something new about myself. something good, something bad. there are things or events that i dread. then i discovered recently that i can face those "dreaded" things after all...with calm and objectivity. change isn't so bad!:p

Unknown said...

Luna, when one writes they learn constantly. I am continually amazed at medical discoveries in alternative medicines. I had an awful cold/pharyngitis for over a week. I work at a call center so being on the phone all day and elbow to elbow with others who are sick makes it difficult to get and stay well. But a recent research led me to the anti viral, antibiotic and anti oxidant properties of red wine. Was I cured or did the glass of wine do it?

That I can come to terms with a husband who is far from romantic and finding contentment even on valentine's day. :-)

Thess said...

Sister impressive talaga ang ganyang findings di ba! Ka sexy naman ng binibini sa unang larawan (^0^)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...


I was given a fossil of a big clam. These fingers sure look scary.

iris said...

oooh interesting! akalain mo yun, may fossil pang nagsurvive doon? that's really nice =)

upto6only said...

ang ganda nila. ang galing ng nature no :)

Kayni said...

very cool. parang kalansay or buto talaga.

salamat sa pagbisita :)

Single country gal said...

This may sound funny or even horrible but what suprises me most lately was how negative people can be. for years I was always the cups half empty, but I have decided that I was going to try to be postive and in return I started to all the negative and how it wasn't good. Thats how i suprised myself

fortuitous faery said...

mother nature never ceases to amaze!

ibig sabihin, noong unang panahon, yang bahaging yan ay submerged sa ilalim ng tubig!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Nature in itself is truly amazing, is it not? Really cool photos!

I'm always in amazement of how I can so easily retrieve a wealth of helpful info from the Internet. Anything from finding the perfect recipe to medical self-diagnostics. Okay that latter one may not be exact, but you may be pretty close to the source of your ailments before actually seeing your doctor first.

For instance, last week, I blogged about cold feet because I had been having so much trouble keeping my toes warm this winter. In fact, my toes and feet were so cold they became sensitive in spots. After playing doctor sleuth on the Internet I learned what my problem is more than likely called Chilblains. At least now, I know how to protect myself from the aggrevating and painful symptoms.

Catch my Thursday 2Q here!

~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

SquirrelQueen said...

I absolutely adore your header photo, it is beautiful.

The fossil coral is amazing, just think how many single creatures it took to form those growths.

Almost every day brings tiny surprises, most good and some bad. I can't think of anything new about myself.

ruthie said...

i think your ITO for the week is kind of creepy....para kasing kalansay e...but it's interesting...
thanks for sharing!

Colette S said...

1. It amazes me how surrounded by people you can be and yet so alone.

2. I found out that, despite being at my lowest and sick, I can still rise to the occasion.


Icy BC said...

1) I'm amazed at nature every time I take time to observe.

2) I just discover this week, that I'm hopelessly and desperately a romantic soul.

DoanLegacy said...

1) What surprised me recently is to watch a hawk eating berries.

2) I've discovered that my patience increases over the year, but my energy is low..