Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorite toy [Paboritong laruan]

@ mirandablue
Si Fritz ang paborito kong laruan at ang purple dumbbell naman ang sa kanya.  Pinapatunog n'ya ang rubber dumbbell habang tumatakbo sa maliit naming bahay.  Marami s'yang laruan at  gula-gulanit na nang pinagsawaan n'ya.  

"Love is when your dog licks your face even after you left him all alone all day." 
~ Mary Ann, age 4

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Fritz is my favorite toy while his is the purple rubber dumbbell.  He loves the squeaky noise of the dumbbell while he's running around in our small apartment.  He's got lots of toys but most of them have been ripped up after he's bored with them.

For Thursday Two Questions - you are invited to answer and join:

1)  What is your pet's [or child's] favorite toy?
2)  Do you have pets?  What are their names? 


 gmirage said...

cuteness overload naman si Fritzie!

Photo Cache said...

itong shot nato ang pinaka fave kong shot ni fritz.

si buster kahit anong tali - lahat ng ribbon from xmas presents toys nya. he carries it up and down the house, kung asan sha andun din ribbons :)

emma has no favorite toy; dalaga na kasi baby ko.

Marites said...

Fritz is so cute and his toy looks cute too.

genie said...

Jack, the schnauzer - 9 years old...loved what is left of an old blue squeaky toy that has lost its appendages and stuffing.

Trouble, the cat....he never comes out of hiding if anyone other than his mommy and daddy is in the house. He sleeps with his head almost on top of his dad’s! Unbelievable.

EG CameraGirl said...

What a cutie!!

emarene said...

gandang laruan talaga ang mga pets - may reaction kasi :) - wish ko lang meron din ako!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Such a cute dog. Looks like he's a good companion.

Halie said...

Your dog looks adorable!

To answer your q's:

1. My dog's favorite toy is a sock. He'll sneak into the hamper, get one of them used socks and asks us to play fetch with him using it. Recently though, he got used to playing with the rubber ball that we bought for him a year ago.

2. Yes, I have a cute baby dog. His name is Jazz.

Lui said...

My dogs are Sweepy and Sumo. I think you know them by now. Sweepy loves to chase after his toys. Any of them. Sumo loves to chase me around which is why most of my shorts and shirts have holes in them! FBOL!

Fritz look so adorable!

Unknown said...

angkyot po ng aso. :)

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Dumbbells pala tawag doon, akala ko gummy bones, lol!
1. My cats pet's favorite toys is a string.
2. Their name is Molly and Patchie.

Icy BC said...

1) Our current pet, a dwarf rabbit, favorite toy is the empty toilette paper roll or paper towel roll.

2) Delila is our furry rabbit's name.

upto6only said...

cute naman at marunung cyang magbasa ah hehehe

Margaret Duarte said...

My sons are grown, but my oldest son's favorite toy/toys is/are the custom bikes he builds. My younger son, his truck and his phone. I don't own a pet. We live on a farm, we're surrounded by animals, not pets, but we care for them as if they were.

Self Sagacity said...

I don't have any pets, Luna. I am afraid of the care. My parents used to have many pets until I was in third grade. They were always licking me! LOL.
Anyways I love seeing my daughter with the dogs, but...that is a different story. I am not my parents. :-)

Joanne Olivieri said...

He is precious!!! I don't have pets where I live now because my landlord does not allow them which is sad. The last pet I had before I moved was a yellow canary named Harry.

SquirrelQueen said...

Aw, Fritz is absolutely adorable. His dumbell looks like a fun toy.

My house cat's favorite toy is a cat toy shaped like a christmas stocking. She will drag it all over the house, throw it in the air and chase it. We have some little feral kittens living on our patio and they like to play with toy mice and balls.

My housecat is Miss Cindi Lou Who, the ferals are Sissi, Bandit, Fuzzy, Spooky and the Twins.

DoanLegacy said...

We had a little pet turtle, but didn't name him yet. Our pets include beta fish, and no name either.

If I have an opportunity, I would volunteer at church to visit the sick and the elderly!

Colette S said...

My kids love all sorts of different toys :) Even boxes! For now I 'll say they like the toy with the remote.

2. No pets as yet.

Enjoy your weekend.

Furniture Stores in Los Angeles said...

I got a little chihuahua, his name is Romeo... and his favorite toy is a rubber ducky. It is bright and I imagine easy for him to spot from across the room. He loves to play catch with it.