Thursday, December 16, 2010

Closed [Sarado]

@ mirandablue
Nagtataka ka ba kung ano ang nangyayari sa likod ng saradong pinto?  Hindi ka ba natuksong sumilip or maki-tsismis?   O naiisip mo ba ang taong nagtatago sa likod nitong pinto na maaring nabibilanggo sa kanyang sariling mga takot?

Do you wonder what's happening behind closed doors?  Were you ever tempted to take a  peek or eavesdrop?  Or do you imagine a person hiding behind a closed door is imprisoned by real or imagined fears?

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@ mirandablue

For Thursday Two Questions - you are invited to join and answer these questions:

1.  What did you do last night?
2.  What's the funniest thing you've heard today?


Dr. Emer said...

I love your closed doors. Someday when I can no longer walk, I see myself spending the whole day looking at closed doors ;-)

Happy LP!

Mine is here:

Kim, USA said...

Ganda naman nang mga pintoang ito. Pero every door na makita ko isa lang ang tanong na nasa isip ko, are the people behind this door happy? As hubby told me one time "we never know what happens behind that door". Lover your music here lalo akong na homesick ^_^

Halie said...

And one thing is for sure, what ever happens behind closed doors should stay within its confines, not to be trumpeted out for the whole world to know. Love you entry!

Unknown said...

not if you're Hayden Kho, Halie. LOL

Margaret Duarte said...

Last night I worked on my blog, oh my. Blogging takes up so much of my time. Starting next year, I plan to pull back on that particular past time. Oh yeah, and loose ten pounds.

The funniest thing that happened today is when my three-year-old granddaughter saw me putting contacts into my eyes. She looked horrified and covered her eyes. When I explained that they were like glasses that I could put into my eyes to see better, she ran out of the bathroom, screaming, "Don't put any into my eyes."

Unknown said...

my answers to T2Q:

1) i went shopping last night--Mango was on sale.:p

2) the use of cell phone technology to remind people when not to have sex--one of many new innovations being tried in the field of contraceptive technology. a new form of "sexting"? :p

fortuitous faery said...

abot-langit yung bakal ng gate.

escape said...

with gates that nice ill definitely eavesdrop. i remember doing it on some of the mansions in batangas.

upto6only said...

ganda ng mga pintuan lalo na yung pangalawang litrato.

Happy LP

DoanLegacy said...

1) Beautiful photos, and I ran around to finish up errands.

2) It's still early in the morning here, so I've not heard of anything funny!

Cathy Kennedy said...

I was at home watching the weather reports of the impending snow, sleet, and freezing rain forecasted to move into our area over night.

Today, I haven't heard much of anything too funny. Our electricity was off earlier and I've been going crazy trying to get my chores done. ugh!

Come on over to my blog!

Lui said...

1. I watched Indonesia beat the Azkals, hugged the dogs, and waited for my sister Luchie to arrive from Simbang Gabi in case she bought Bibingka. She didn't.

2. I heard Sumo snoring in his house and thought it was the neighbor! (Sumo is my dog Sweepy's Popsy)

Now, to your Q about closed door, I don't wander/wonder about it because I grew up respecting privacy. I, however, often wonder how the house's interior looks like when I pass by. I'm interested in settings.

Colette S said...

I'm usually curious about closed doors because I would like to see what is inside. Especially if it's a home. I want to see how its decorated etc.

Lastnight I watched a movie and did other things, then slept.

2.Come to think of it, I haven't heard anything funny today.