Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mojos, Pizza & Pasta @ Shakey's

Mojos and Fried Chicken
S and I were in Glorietta recently to watch "The Mistress"---well, she wanted to see it, I was there for the mojos!  I have been craving for mojos and was pestering her that I needed to be fed first before going to the movies.  I didn't miss the chance of taking advantage of S's willingness to bribe me with food so I'd accompany her to watch her favorite love-team.:p

We shared everything here---although I ate most of the mojos.

Tropical Bacon Pizza
The pizza was a bit of a disappointment.  It wasn't as tasty as I imagined it to be.  I think it was the absence of bell pepper and onions.  The seafood marinara wasn't bad but it didn't excite my taste buds, either.

Seafood Marinara
Back to "The Mistress"...3 theaters in Glorietta were full when we got to the ticket counter.  We walked to Greenbelt 3, the theater showing "The Mistress" was also full.  Unbelievable!  I refused to walk to Greenbelt 1 anymore.  We ended up at Starbucks and S drowned her disappointment in coffee.:p  We finally watched the movie 3 days later.

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Kim, USA said...

I love eating before and after the movie hehehe! I heard The Mistress is a good story, is it?


Dude for Food said...

Mojos and chicken, always a favorite at Shakey's! Classic comfort food!

Cheerful said...

i will be happy to have those too but mojos and chicken will be fine for me, plus a good company. :) visiting from FTF, see you around. happy weekend.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

mojos ftw!!! the pasta i didnt like that much.

Dexie said...

Wpow, those Mojos chicken sure looks yummy. :)

Tetcha Figuerres said...

It's been a long time since we've last eaten at Shakey's. We miss their fried chicken and mojos.

maiylah said...

lol, good thing you still managed to watch the movie. kahit after 3 days na. ;)
i LOVE their chicken and mojos! so perfect!

thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, LM