Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lasang Pinoy: Media Noche

My family is not traditional, and for years now, I spend New Year's eve at the Ayala Avenue New Year's party countdown with friends, cousins and nephews. I start preparing for media noche in the afternoon then leave for the New Year's party after dinner. By 2 am, we are all back home, still excited by the fireworks, hungry, and a little drunk. So when the neighbors are already sleeping, we are having our media noche around 2:30 am.

A cousin requested Carbonara so it's in my media noche spread. It's creamy and tasty, topped with bacon bits, and served with an egg omelet (just the yolk). My mother cooked her signature Valenciana, but it all disappeared before I could take some pictures! I also made fruit salad and experimented on a new beef dish. More photos in the coming weeks.:D

One of Filipino customs in celebrating the New Year is the 12 rounded fruits for media noche. The rounded fruits, said to symbolize money, are suppose to bring prosperity for the New Year. No, I didn't buy 12 rounded fruits but it was interesting to see the fruits available in the market. Here are some photos I took at the
Market-Market fruits section.
all rounded fruits---our talisman for the New Year :D
imported pomegranate
dragonfruit and green apples
apples galore!
watermelon and pomelo

More scrumptious Media Noche at spiCes


Anonymous said...

and who says Pinoys believe in recession? there's no such thing as these pictures say!! Happy Abundance, Luna! Sa mga sinabi mo sa akin na luto niyo during the holidays, it can surely feed a barangay here for a week! :-D

Unknown said...

ay naku, bernadette, you know how most Pinoys splurge for the New Year! the panic buying before the New Year, the crowded supermarkets---mind-boggling! i'm not so different...the kitchen was suddenly a pleasant place to be.:D now, i'm almost afraid to check my weight!(lol)

it was indeed a season of guilt and giving back.

agent112778 said...

wow! i love carbonara too :)

Here is Mine

magandang araw ka-lasa-ista :)
Salamat sa pagbisita :)

Anonymous said...

carbonara... my kid's gonna drool big time!

Anonymous said...

Carbonara is a family favorite. Arroz Valenciana is my father's personal favorite which he cooks during special occasions. I still have to try to do that for us. Soon maybe :)

Wishing you the best for 2009 :)

Anonymous said...

That's one mean carbonara you have there - yummy! (*drool*)

Here's to a blessed, meaningful and prosperous new year ahead!