Thursday, October 1, 2009

Waiting for a ride - TWTW

Many streets in Metro Manila are still in a sad state from last Saturday's massive flooding.  So let me take you far away from Metro Manila---to a  highway about 27 kilometers from Davao City.  These were taken across Malagos Garden Resort in Calinan, Davao City.  We were waiting for a ride back to the city, and it took a really long time for a  jeepney to come by that I started to get bored.   Took out my camera and started shooting at the passers-by.  I was already prepared to hitchhike, jump into the basket on the motorbike  or ride on top of this jeep when a jeepney finally stopped.:P



Terry said...

hi miranda...are these vehicles like taxis?
i am glad that at least you are getting around.
i never even knew about the flooding until a couple of days ago when i read the comments on crown of beauty's blog.
sometimes, i think that people are so used to these tragedies that we just get too hard hearted.
i looked on google at some of the news videos.
i really felt sorry for the babies being held in their mama's arms and such an afraid look on their chubby little faces!

thank you for putting your name on my follower list miranda.
my heart was so touched.
look after canada it is way too dangerous to be hitch hiking. there are too many nuts out you be careful, eh?
love terry

Unknown said...

hi Terry! yes, jeepneys are like taxis, i suppose. except that jeepneys carry more passengers. it's one of our mode of transport here. you will see some info here.

the flood claimed so many lives and destroyed properties and livelihood. it's terrible and heart-wrenching.

i was just joking about hitchhiking.:P but i'd feel a lot more safer hitchhiking in Davao than in Manila. thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing about all the flooding there - I'm so sorry. I hope you & your family are safe & I wish everyone else was too.

xinex said...

This brings back so much memories. I am so sorry about the flooding. I hope you and your family are alright!....Christine

Photo Cache said...

I would have done the same thing you did, occupy my time by shooting what's on the road. Great job.

I hope you're all safe.

Lindy said...

Great captures and great view into life in your part of the world. So sorry to hear about the flooding. I hope you and your family were spared of the devastation.

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