Thursday, July 31, 2008

Misua Co for the soul

Misua Co
Misua soup was the very first edible food I cooked when I was about 11 years old. The ingredients were "gathered" from my grandmother’s sari-sari store and cooked at the backyard using my cooking set made of clay. I remember how my playmates and I got so excited while I sautéed the garlic and onions, and while the soup was simmering, we almost burned down our makeshift tent. I ended up with burned bangs and one girlfriend with a nasty burn on her arm. Misua is my favorite cold weather’s a no-fuss soup, fast and easy to prepare and cheap, too. And I’m still being teased at home that my specialty is Misua Soup with sardines, usually with a side comment that the fire station should be alerted when I’m cooking misua.:D

Admittedly, one misua that is better than mine is Mann Hann’s Misua Co---the best-tasting misua I’ve ever had. I can live on Misua Co---no kidding! It’s light, simple and tasty and doesn’t hurt the wallet (P145/bowl for 2 persons). Misua Co has ground pork, mushrooms and some leaf I don’t recognize (I’ll ask the next time I’m in Mann Hann). The Mann Hann I frequent are:

Mann Hann @ Lower Ground Level, Bldg A, SM-Megamall, Mandaluyong City
Mann Hann @ 2nd Floor, Market-Market, Global City, Taguig

almost gone :D

If you're interested in my "girl scout" version of Misua, here it is:

saute garlic, onion and tomatoes

tip from my mother: to extract the flavor, make sure tomatoes are thoroughly cooked

add sardines (in tomato sauce)

my tip: you can mix it gently or mash sardines if it's one of those days :D

let it simmer

option: ground pork loin instead of sardines

add water and bring to boil

add a dash of black pepper and mix in the misua noodles

my tip: misua absorbs water so its better to add a bit more water; i tend to add too much water that you can drown in my soup :D

salt to taste

option: a raw, beated egg can be added

garnish with spring onions

serve hot

Misua Co has dried mushrooms, ground pork, scallops and probably spinach. Bon Appetit!


nutart said...

I love misua soup!! I only eat patola or upo if it is in misua soup! Gotta cook one now! :-)

Anonymous said...

nang makita ko itong misua miss kong bigla. lagi ako sa mga asean stores dito para lang makahanap ng misuang gaya ng sa atin...pero wala. mataba at matabang.

Pete Erlano Rahon said...

anything noodles... misua is one of my fave with shredded tinapa as a one of the garnishings, hmmm...

Unknown said...

Hi, Pete! Yes, it's my specialty..misua with tinapa. I can cook it even when half-asleep.:D Thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

Ask your friends and relatives to send you packs of misua, Roselle.:D Or the next time you're back in 'Pinas, make sure you try misua co.

Unknown said...

My mother cooks misua with patola...I don't like it though. I prefer my girl scout version of misua---with sardines.:D Does your hubby eat misua with patola, too?

Happy cooking, Bernadette!

Panaderos said...

Hmmm.... pretty interesting. I haven't tried misua with sardines. Pardon my ignorance but do you mix the sardines in with the misua or do you have the sardines as a side dish?

Nice little story about your first misua cooking experience. How far is the fire station from your place anyway? Hehe :D Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

uy share naman your recipe for tinapa misua!

Unknown said...

hi, panaderos! my girl scout version is, sardines (in tomatoe sauce) sauteed with garlic and onions. so the soup has a sardine-tomato flavor.:D

the nearest fire station is about 10 minutes away---that's without traffic.:D but not to worry, i have a fire extinguisher ready (haha).

Unknown said...

hello, ces! i just realized that Pete maybe referring to smoked fish (tinapa) while i meant sardines as tinapa. in Negros, we refer to sardines as tinapa.:D

as for the recipe, i'll add it on my post na lang.:D

nutart said...

to answer your question, Luna!
Mu husband Tolerates my misua :-D! I eat it all by myself...I cook him something else. Sometimes, because of my sarap-na-sarap eating, he eats it in the long run ;-).

Oman said...

perfect for the rainy days miranda.

it is raining now so i'll definitely try this but i'll call my misua soup a boy scout's soup 'coz it has lots of hibi.

Unknown said...

now, we have a boy scout's version!:D enjoy your hot misua, lawstude!

Unknown said...

to tell you the truth, Bernadette, ako lang ang mahilig sa misua sa amin.:D my family don't recognize it as "food". tell your husband that misua is for the lazybones...easy to cook, easy to don't even have to chew! Hahaha

philos said...

Hehe... I love misua! Although I personally prefer misua guisado. Quite coincidentally, I blogged about it just a few days ago hehe... nothing as fancy as that delicious looking misua co you posted! :)

Unknown said...

hi, philos. i didn't know there's misua guisado! i hope you'd post a photo of misua guisado (and a recipe, i hope).:) thanks for visiting.