Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The next generation

Jaysel and Kyle
Children are fascinating creatures. They have the natural enthusiasm and exuberance to learn, ask endless questions, wonder, figure things out, imagine, investigate, and construct. I sometimes wonder why most adults have lost these traits, or perhaps we’re just masters at pretending we’re grown-ups. Because beneath my skin, I am never as wise or as sure or as strong as I want to convince myself and others that I am.

Spending time with my nephews and nieces taught me a number of things---like, how much patience I have, and how to answer questions like “What does the chicken say?” and “Why is the water wet?”. A friend loves to remind me that children are a great comfort in our old age---they also help us reach it faster. :D

Jan a.k.a. Badjao with Kuya Kyle

Yan-Yan with Jaysel

batang city-jail :D

he loves to pose for the camera

Dyme, da burdagul


no pain, no gain

the very inquisitive Angela

Eunice, the sad-faced angel

Badjao's big smile

Turks with mommy Antonette

he thought we were going somewhere
"The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise."


Sidney said...

You are lucky to have all those cute nephews and nieces!

 gmirage said...

One of my favorite biblical quotes are about kids, in Psalm 127:3.

It reminds me to see them as precious little angels despite the kakulitan, and there comes a hope to be a better mom. Cute naman mga pamangkin mo, smiling o hindi, lalo na si Burdagul (or bardagul) hehe. I remember my first posts at the other blog to be about kids lang, solemn ang dating, ngayon magulo hehe.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sidney. Nagmana sa tita nila! hehehe

Unknown said...

I seldom see my cousins' children...the next time I would see them, probably malalaki na sila, di na cute!:D I enjoy their kakulitan...and I tend to forget my own troubles when I'm with kids. Maganda silang therapy! hahahaha

Thanks for visiting, Gizelle.

 gmirage said...

Sorry for the grammatical errors whenever I post a comment Luna, grabe na kelangan ko yata aral uli or read more, lol.

Anyway here
is tag for you, hope you do it if you have time. =) I know naman you love books, I like reading too but like what I wrote in that tag, bible na lang nababasa ko eh =) Thanks in advance.